Ewan Whillans – Assistant Trainer

Ewan has been back home a number of years now since his days as a jockey working for Nicky Richards and Ferdy Murphy also gaining experience working for Mark Johnston and Lucinda Russell as well as riding out for many other trainers in his time away. Ewan is looking forward to taking over from his father when the time comes.

Michael Davidson – Yardman/Traveling Head Lad

Michael is our yard manager and also takes our horses to the races on most days we have runners. Having worked for Nicky Richards for a good number of years he is very experienced and knowledgeable with the horses on race days and at home. It has been said there is no better man to get a cast horse up than him. Michael has been round horses all his life growing up doing the local Common Ridings and in 2011 was lucky enough to lead the cavalcade as Hawick Cornet.

Connor Wood – Amateur Jockey

Connor is our Amateur jockey and has been with us for around four months, Connor has had previous experience with Lucinda Russell and Rose and Tony Dobbin. He was leading northern novice rider at the point to points a couple of seasons ago and has had experience on the track. Connor is a very skilled rider at home and excels on young horses and tricky ones. Connor will soon be getting his Amateur B licence which will allow him to ride against pro’s and to progress his career further.

Isaac Amos


Chloe Scott

Chloe has been with us full time for around a year and a half now since leaving school but has been  coming to the yard since she was about 13 helping on her weekends and school holidays. It was touch and go after her first shot at “riding out” ended up with her falling off Opt Out the quietest horse in the yard which we never let her forget. Chloe has came a long way from then and is more than capable of riding any horse in the yard schooling and enjoys doing stalls work. Chloe also has Dickie “Meadowcroft Boy” as a riding horse now he is retired and  has given one of our old stars a five star home.

Alasdair Clark


Oliver Hogg – Handyman